The release of Apple's announced iOS 14 is getting closer. Even though the tech giant has not set a specific date for its launch, it was set to release this fall. With it, come a lot of changes and today we talk about how to get your app in shape for them!


With iOS 14 widgets have been redesigned to be more beautiful and data rich. You can place them anywhere on the Home Screen for information at a glance. They are perfect for tracking your commute, activity, Calendar events, or News stories.

App Clips

Among the new features of iOS14, Apple has launched App Clips. Basically, these are small clips that enable users to use certain parts of an app without downloading it.

With App Clips, your app can get new users in a simple, faster way and you can enable them as long as they are under 10MB in size.

Picture in Picture

Closing an app every time you get a call is a thing of the past. Now, with PIP, users can keep watching videos or doing a FaceTime call while they use another app.

Users can swipe to minimize the call or move it around to fit it on their screen at the same time as the app they are using in the background.

Privacy Changes

Apple is giving more control to the users over the data they share. Now, users can go into the App Store and get information regarding each app's privacy practices before downloading it.

All apps using your microphone or camera will display an indicator at the top right of the screen and Control Center will show if any app has used them recently.

Subscription Sharing

One of the most exciting changes for users, Apple is adding an extra benefit to its Family Sharing feature.

Now app developers can make their subscriptions available for sharing between members of a Family Sharing group, with a single purchase. Developers and companies can opt in or out to sharing within the group, depending on each company's business model.

Which of these changes do you find the most exciting? Besides these, Apple is implementing some exciting features such as app libraries, an updated spell check on the app store's search and changes to the widgets' experience. Many exciting changes are coming our way this fall, and this means there are lots of opportunities for your app to take advantage of and improve your users' experience!