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Custom matched jobs based on schedule, pay and skills. Part-time and full-time positions in restaurants, cafes, bars, country clubs.

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“Hattrick’s team is responsive and quickly addresses any concerns or questions. They’re dedicated to the project and exceed expectations.”
Bryant Dulin – Founder, KOBEYO LLC
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Beditations are guided meditations that relax you into a quality sleep, and then gently wake you up at your desired time.

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“Hattrick's attention to detail, communication, and capacity for tackling issues without compromising deadlines makes them a great long-term partner.”
Eric Toffey – CEO, Highly Meditated LLC
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Lite Scores

Lite Scores is the place where soccer fans can find all the information they need, be it match results, formations, competition tables or all match related events; the second they happen, with no need to look elsewhere.

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"Hatrick-it provided immense value throughout the development process of our mobile platforms. The team not only exceeded our quality expectations, they also proved to have an outstanding sense of responsibility and great disposition to accept any challenge. It’s been a great pleasure working with them."
Ricardo Buitrago – Lite Scores
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Relay Response

Speed, efficiency and usability were really important for Relay Response in its goal to save patients’ lives by improving response quality in critical care.

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Beno Relay Response Testimonial Image
“Hattrick built an MVP that functions as expected and can be presented to the market. Using their expertise, they went above and beyond to find the best solution to every problem.”
Beno Oppenheimer – Founder, Relay Response
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