Not all projects are the same, and not all devs are the same. When launching a new app development project, there are many things to consider: expertise, timeline, costs, platforms.

Finding the right team to develop your next big idea can be very hard if you don't have some key aspects predefined. So, what are these and why should you focus on them?

1. Platforms

iOS, Android, or both? Some companies choose to focus on a specific operating system, while others build solutions for all platforms. Both have their pros and cons, a specialized team will do better on best practices, while a team that covers all platforms can be more cost-efficient.

Besides platforms themselves, different companies work with different frameworks, and every team has its favorite. When choosing the right app developer for your projects, you need to make sure their resources work with whichever framework you choose to go.

2. Expertise

In mobile app development, proper expertise can save you a lot in terms of time and costs. An experienced team will not only be efficient when coding, but they'll also be experienced in every step of the process that launching an app entails.

From finding issues and bottlenecks to improving your product constantly and keeping a high-quality standard. Usually, a company's portfolio can speak for itself, so you should always make sure to go and check their website, case studies, and reviews on websites like It's always a plus if they've already worked on a project similar to yours.

3. Design & User Experience

It's not all about coding. When creating any digital product, it's important to think about the user, and how their experience will be on the app, website, or whatever you're building.

Unless you have a specific team for UI/UX design, your development team will probably have a huge impact on the result. In this case, it's better to look for a company that can provide the complete package, helping you both with the UI/UX design and the development of the app.

4. Maintenance & Support

What happens after you launch the app? Does the team provide you with support and updates? Launching an app is not an easy task, and no product is perfect. Most likely, a proper QA will get rid of the bigger issues, but lots of issues and bugs are usually discovered once the users are interacting with your app in the real world. Development is about improving constantly.
For this, you'll need a team that can provide you with maintenance and support after your app is out in the woods.

As mentioned at the beginning, every project is different so you will always have to consider different things depending on the product. However, being clear on these 4 aspects before getting started can save you time and headaches!