Connecting with users is not a matter that should be taken lightly. When building a new product, focusing on the user's experience while using it will improve its chances of retaining users, and of course, of having higher conversion rates. But where to start? Well, here are some golden rules your product needs to follow to have a great UX:

1. Bring users into the process

It's easy to get tangled in what you want or like, instead of what your users like and need. Getting over this obstacle is very easy though: just ask! Bring the users into the design process and make them part of it. Ask the relevant questions you need to improve the user experience of your product.

Talking to users will not only give you ideas in terms of aesthetics, but it will also be easier to understand how they behave and what they want to do when using your product. This invaluable feedback can help you save time and resources on useless efforts and bring you closer to giving users what they want.

Stop guessing and just ask your users!

2. Keep it simple

Less is more. Don't make your users get lost. If they don't understand how to use your app or site, they lose trust in your brand, leave and don't come back. So when focusing on the UX of your product, remember to keep it simple.

Users are impatient and choose fast online, so be clear with the options and don't overcomplicate the design. Try to avoid excessive content, follow design principles and provide only what's necessary or gives value to the users.

3. Consistency is key

Consistency is a very important element for branding, but did you know it also improves the user's experience?

It provides clarity and makes using your product intuitive for the user. The human brain loves to take shortcuts, so a consistent design makes it easier to navigate through your product. This drastically reduces the chances of the user's leaving, besides making it easier to recognize your brand.

4. Give value to the user

Users are human beings, and as such, they are constantly looking for rewards. If there aren't any, you know how it goes: they will just leave and stop using your product. In order to avoid this, it's important to provide value to your users.

Remember that UX is not only about aesthetics: copywriting also matters! Communicate clearly with your users, tell them where the value is in using your product and encourage them to keep using it. If possible, also make it fun!

5. Customize the experience

Users will probably feel more connected to your product if they feel the human touch behind it. Try to differentiate from the rest of your competition, not as much that it's impossible to use, but give them something that makes them notice the difference and feel connected to your brand.

Generic, lifeless designs don't create a connection with users. Put yourself in their shoes, would you feel a connection?

Sometimes it's easy to forget about your users, and how they are the key piece in any product. At Hattrick we love to ask questions, get feedback, and put focus on the users. At the end of the day, they are the ones we are building awesome products for!

Lastly, we wanted to share a great resource if you're looking for inspiration when it comes to Custom Web Design.