Relay Response

Helping doctors save more lives
Relay Response is a smartwatch-centered suite that provides real time assistance to medical teams during cardiac arrest situations enabling them to save more lives.
May 2017 – Present
New York, NY United States
Wear OS, Android
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When Beno came to us, he had a basic prototype for his product built on Apple's watchOS. The prototype was working at the moment, but he found a major roadblock with Apple's ecosystem that forced him to take action. It was at that moment that he came to us.

Together we thoroughly assessed the situation and arrived to the conclusion that moving to Android Wear OS was the way to go.

From that moment our team and Relay Response's have worked together to grow the suite to what it is now.

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“Hattrick built an MVP that functions as expected and can be presented to the market. Using their expertise, they went above and beyond to find the best solution to every problem, while their exceptional communication skills made them a go-to partner.”
Beno Oppenheimer – Founder, Relay Response

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